"Good-looking, AND Intelligent"


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Dundee, June 2012: Judge Karl O'Connor -  have judged him before & awarded him BOB then. 

Have not changed my mind on him. I hope he gets his 3rd CC soon as in my opinion he is a most worthy Champion. BOB

Midland Counties 2011: Judge Per Iverson, Norway - 

Appeals for type, balance soundness.  A true Brittany. Well shaped head with a nice expression. Well set ears, strong neck and topline, sound mover CC BOB. Shortlisted in Group

SKC 2012: Judge Ferelith Somerfield - very shapely, pleasing size, good head & ears, nice neck, firm topline, well bodied & coupled, moved soundly, CC.

Darlington 2011: Judge Moray Armstrong - Quality dog, good head, short deep body, good topline, sound stylish mover RCC  (Gave him his Crowning CC a couple of years later)

SKC 2011: Judge Meriel Hathaway - headed an excellent class, summed up maximum quality in minimum size, cobby body, well ribbed, short coupled, Liked his head, ear, eye shape & set, typical alert attitude. Correct brisk short stride in profile, pushed CC winner hard RCC

 Over 90 Best of Breed awards - these are just a few of the compliments

Pat McCutcheon - loved this ones size and outline, so in tune  with his handler, showed his socks off. Workman like cobby dog, kind eyes. Good lay back of shoulder & length of upper arm. Deep chest with rounded  ribcage. Hind quarters used well on the move, tight feet. BOB.

Dr Ron James - a sympathetically handled and presented exhibit with a lot of pleasing breed characteristics, masculine head, well proportioned outline with an overall square appearance, ample width between shoulder blades, deep brisket reaching to elbow, well rounded rib cage, short and strong loin, moves with the typical style of the breed.

David R Craig - Very nice dog of good type, a great showman and shown in super condition, excelled on the move which gave him the advantageover his rivals BOB

Jeff Roberts - Square outline with good deep chest, in good condition and well muscled throughout.  head well proportioned with parallell planes, correct moderate angulation BOB

Diane Stewart-Ritchie - In excellent muscular condition. Short strong and cobby. short level back, strong through loin, deep chested, well ribbed back, straight front, good feet, balanced angunations. Pleased to give him his final points for his ShCM BOB

Gill Tully - A lovely strong, cobby dog, showing all breed type, square, very good in body, bone and movement, typical clipped gait BOB

David Moss - true type, good head and eye colour, well placed shoulder and short body, well muscled, with correct moderate stifle & looked ready for a full days work BOB

Janette Yarrow - alert quizzical expression, giving that true Brittany 'look'

Massie's Fosscott Alaine over Aberdon Sh CM. Correct in size, head, and body proportions, kind eye, alert, intelligent expression, pleasing top  line and spring of rib, neat feet. Covered ground with brisk purposeful gait.  BOB and delighted to see him shortlisted in last 8 for Best in Show.  Judge Tina Williamson (Celtaur)
GBAS - Massie's Fosscott Alaine Over Aberdon Sh.CM.  A dog I have done well to before and I saw nothing to change my mind. Short cobby body, strong masculine head of correct proportions,  muscular shoulders and excellent spring of rib. Short strong loin. Sound in legs and feet. Moved out well. BD and BOB Judge Heather McCormack

Darlington 2011: Judge Moray Armstrong - quality b/w lovely head, front and body,sound, stylish mover, in nice coat and condition. CC

Midland Counties 2011: Judge Per Iverson, Norway - A bitch with excellent properties, lovely type, feminine head, medium length of neck, deep chest.  very good bone & feet, in good coat, moved well and in lovely condition CC

BCGB Champ show 2007: French Judge Pierre Gaudin - excellent head, topline and depth of chest, balance very good, movement also very good.  1st 

Dr Ron James -  very feminine in appearance, pleasing outline and height to length ratio, pleasing head properties with a kindly and expressive eye, matching bone and substance for her size.

Waverley Gundog 2012
Massie's Yarak Viola to Aberdon 8 yrs young, feminine balanced head, good eye & ear set, true front with ample substance, good ribbing, with lovely depth, moved very true which won her the class BOB. 

HPR July 2017 - Massie’s Sh Ch Yarak Viola To Aberdon.  Loved her for type and so very, very sound coming going and on the around.  She has the most wonderful alert expression with correct shaped eyes of dark colour matching her coat colour.  Her coat was thick and strong and like her whole being she has that workmanlike look about her which screams Brittany.  Like her kennel mate she was in rock hard condition and also like her kennel mate she beguiles her years as being a definite veteran too.  She stands square on the best of bone and feet with the added breed characteristic of those extra longer rear feet. Good in forehand and excellent ribcage and short loin.  Straight in rear but with enough to give propulsion. Short backed and level topline.  Strong, cobby and full of type.  Short brisk movement with no exaggeration and so typical. Really appealed.  Thank you for bringing her. She oozes quality. 

Diane Stewart-Ritchie

Club Championship Show 2003, French judge Monsieur Bordet
Massie's Aberdon Sgurr Mhairi. Excellent brood bitch. Very Breton with excellent pigmentation, topline, chest, ribs and hindquarters. Very good movement.

Tom will only be shown occasionally, he is primarily a rehomed friend for Missy, but his first few critiques have been great

GBAS Open July 2021 His first ever show, Jen Millard

Loved the type and body on this one super coat so well off for rib nice and bone and a good size couldn’t deny him BOB but could do with settling on the move. Best of Breed

Waverley Gundog Open, November 2021 Di Thompson - 

Good head and expression. Correct clipped movement when handler managed to get him going. Good tight feet, needs more practice at ringcraft. Moved much better in group. Best of breed 

SKC October 20210 His first Championship show, Dr Ron James

At 16months maturing well, pleasing head properties with correct eye and expression, well sprung ribcage of pleasing depth and length, strong loin, well muscled with the required moderately balance construction of his front and rear limbs, a little unruly on the move but nonetheless displayed the breed’s typical clipped gait when his handler managed to settle him.