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About me, 


  What does the name 


ABER = at the mouth of and the first four letters of ABERDEEN, where Sandy and I met, and both of us were born and brought up.   

DON = the river Don, and also the first three letters of my Mum's surname, and my son's.

My name is Anne Massie 

I am a Founder member of the Brittany Club of Great Britain, and a past committee member. I was Treasurer for 13 years until 2011, then again from 2017 till my second retirement in February 2020. I am presently Secretary to the Judges Committee assisting our BEC (Breed Education Coordinator) in keeping judges details up to date and inaccordance with teh latest Kennel Club regulations

I have been Judging the breed at CC level since 2000, and give presentations and arrange Breed seminars on the Brittany.

Prior to that I judged all other breeds in all groups at Open Show level, and have long had an interest in gundog training.  

I have been on a number of Gundog Committees, and was for five years General Secretary and Treasurer of Lothian and Borders Gundog Association.

The ABERDON Affix was held jointly with my late husband, Sandy, from the  1970's till his tragic and untimely death in 1991. Sandy and I showed Cocker Spaniels from 1980, and Brittanys soon after. We trained our Brittanys to work in Aberdeenshire, going on the occasional shoot and working test. 

After meeting my late partner, John, in 1992, he became interested in working our dogs too, and trialled one of our bitches, Gigi, with some success. He also shot over her and a couple of our other dogs, including his German Wirehair, Hester, on our own, and neighbours' farms

How we got into Brittanys

When the children were small, we had a lovely litter of golden cockers in 1972 from our pet girl Brandy.  She had the most beautiful nature, wonderful with the children, and she had 7 lovely square, well boned pups - all girls, who went to lovely family homes.
Much later after we lost Brandy at 11 years of age, we bought a blue roan, Misty, and a blue roan and tan, known as Pepper, soon after.  Sandy and I registered 'Aberdon' with the Kennel Club in the early 1980s.  When Sandy stopped smoking we decided that his saved cigarette money should buy us another golden.  Unfortunately Candy had Cocker Rage Syndrome and was put down at 18 months.  At that point we were devastated and decided to change breeds.  A friend put us in touch with Stan Smith as he had imported a new type of 'spaniel' - and the rest, as they say, is History!

Anne, Sarah, and Sandy 

(on our daughter's Graduation)

Anne and John, 

at an open air music festival